Enjoy the freedom of creating custom workflows using our easy to use Visual Workflow approach. IBISM also offers easy to implement readymade solutions for day to day workflows. Choose and use, or create your own- the choice is yours.

Human Resources

Automate your Human resource department, using our readymade modules for various HR centric processes.

We offer automated solutions for all day to day HR processes, including job offers, onboarding, reimbursements etc.

Try a demo and watch your HR process become empowered and efficient.


Finance is one of the most important aspects of any business. The business processes here are hard to automate as they can have a lot of approvals and complex workflows. However, streamlining and automating this process is imperative for the growth of any business.

IBISM offers readymade packages for the entire finance department, as well as individual workflows for day to day processes.

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing gives visibility to your products and business. A streamlined marketing team can increase your revenue and brand visibility significantly.

IBISM understands the importance of marketing and PR, which is why we offer a number of readymade workflows that are suited for your marketing needs.


IBISM helps managers and higher echelons of your business stay up to date with every aspect of their business in real time without having to go through lenghty spreadsheets or tedious reports.

We provide readymade modules for various approval workflows and other aspects of day to day business administration processes.

Business Development

Business Development is often neglected in the automation plans, as the prevalent belief is that there is nothing to automate. However, what if automating your Business Development efforts results in better lead conversion and more revenue.

Keeping that in mind, IBISM offers automation modules for Business development processes as well. Know how your business development team can work better using IBISM

Information Technology

IT is a process that is based on softwares, yet it is often neglected when planning for business automation.

IT is responsible for keeping errors and viruses out of your technological infrastructure, for granting access to different applications, maintaining servers, feature development etc.

Our automated workflows for IT enable the department to perform better without added workload.


Only using the best available tool for manufaturing your products does not ensure efficiency of your manufacturing department. It still needs automation to ensure that all aspects of your manufacturing process work in sync.

IBISM provides automated solutions that will help you streamline your manufaturing facility efficiently. Our solutions help you keep track of production targets as well as capacity utilisation.


Sales department's need for automation is very much apparent as their workload often exceeds available resources and time. Invoices, purchase orders and many other aspects of a sales process are still using emails and spreadsheets to function. No more!

IBISM offers a variety or readymade solutions for sales processes. Automate the entire department, or just a single process- choice is yours.

Custom Reports

IBISM offers tools to easily create reports using pre-made report templates. Also included are tools to help you create truly custom reports. Use our real time analytics tools to make sure your reports are updated with all the latest changes in task progress.

Easy access to all data at one place means no more scouring through different spreadsheets and scores of emails to complete your reports. All the data you need is, quite literally, right at your fingertips.


Access a world of knowledge about the need and benefits of business process automation for any organisation and how IBISM can help you save time and resources while increasing your efficiency and revenue.

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