When automating a business, selecting the right BPM software and integrating it with business processes is just the first step. Proper implementation, employee awareness and many other aspects can augment the streamlining of your business processes. A good BPM software is as good as the people using it. If your employees refuse to use it, no BPM solution is going to work. Here, we point out some of the common missteps that can result in a BPM solution failing.

1. Make sure your solution is easy to adapt

When you choose your workflow automation software, make sure they are easy to use. Often, when the person selecting the software is technically adept, he or she tends to choose a software that might offer the best options but can be somewhat challenging for a layman to work with. While choosing a software, always try to think from the point of view of someone who is not very proficient with computers. This makes the transition phase easy. If the team doesn’t know how to create workflows or templates, or find the interface difficult to use, they are most likely to shun the entire software.

2. Close the loopholes

There will always be people who will try to work outside the system. Even with a dedicated communication channel, it is possible you get a asset request in the email, or worse, a hardcopy of the request. This disrupts the flow or business process and adds to the workload of the automation admin. One solution to this is make strict calls regarding these type of requests, such as refusing to entertain an asset request unless it is via the proper channels. This method, however, can come off as a harsh decision. A better solution is to select a BPM which has good integration options. This way you can integrate your email and other existing tools with BPM software, making it easier to communicate via emails too and also give employees familiar options for communication. They will switch to built in communication channels with time.

3. Keep it simple

Very often, BPM softwares have workflow designing tools that are poorly designed and do not offer a good user experience. At other times, the design interface maybe very easy to use with drag and drop tools, but the user designs forms are very complicated with a lot of text fields and other fields. In both these cases, the end user can end up having a very bad experience while using these forms. The first problem is solved by using a good BPM software, such as IBISM, that offers very easy to use workflow design tools. For the second issue, you need to make sure that the form has more dropdowns, checklists and other fields that make data entry easier. Too many fields just make your form appear crammed and can lead to lack of interest in creating / filling them

4. Only involve people who are needed

Let’s get back to the asset acquisition form. If you need a few chairs and a table for the reception area, it is not wise to involve the COO or CEO in the approval column. However, if the request is for 5 sedans to ferry VIPs to and from airports, then it seems the right idea. The point here is that it is not needed to keep everyone in the loop. Not only is this time consuming, it disrupts business process flow. An easy answer to this issue is to include a field that can be checked to let people outside the concerned workflow be notified for their approval. This makes workflows get processed faster. Also, the higher echelons of the company do not get peppered with unnecessary approval requests for trivial things.

BPM softwares are powerful tools that can help automate your business, increase efficiency and revenue and reduce workload. However, at the end of the day, they are a tool, and a tool’s effectiveness depends on how it is used. As it is said, a weapon is only as good as the warrior using it. The simpler and clearer the tool, the better will be its acceptance in the organisation and the smoother will be the transition across users.

We hope that these tips help you solve any problem that you might face with your workflows. However, for problem free workflows, contact IBISM. We offer readymade workflows for day to day processes, that are easy to implement and adapt. Call us 24x7 for a demo.

Published on Apr 17, 2018