In any business, it is important to retain quality employees. High employee turnover is bad for the organization’s morale as well as revenue. Training new employee and getting them acclimated to your organization’s work methods is time taking and inefficient. Businesses and its employees are looking for more benefits out of each other. However, in the current competitive market, organizations, both big and small, are looking for improved quality without any added costs. So, how to ensure employee motivation and help employees align their goals with that of the organization?

As business owners, managers and leaders, you are well aware the answer to this question is employee reward and recognition programs. Yet, the rewards and recognition process is not as efficient as it can be and it isn’t implemented as often as it should be. Sometimes, businesses organize competitions etc. for rewarding their employees, which is a fun and interactive way to motivate your employees. Whatever be the approach towards it, the efficiency of rewards and recognition process depends on availability of latest data, which can be a problem when the process is paper or email based. Also, organizing competition or fests etc. is not an easy task and needs a lot of coordination which emails or phone calls fail to provide.

Automating this process helps bring order, increase efficiency and promote transparency within the organization. With automation, you get access to a number of tools that make managing this process a lot easier than it currently is. Below, we will discuss how automation does this.

1. Easy to organize or recognize

At present, rewards and recognition is an email and paper based process. As data is mostly available in spreadsheets, it becomes difficult to review employee performance. If you want to use competition or contests for rewards and recognition purposes, it is equally difficult. Since the process is either email or paper based, informing people, getting approvals and organizing the event cause a significant increase in the workload of everyone involved. When you automate the process, you get a ready-made and easily customizable form that can be used by decision makers to trigger the process. These forms can then be sent to relevant decision makers for approval. If the organization wants to go for competitions or contests etc. to make the rewards process interesting, they can easily share a participation form with the relevant team, department or the entire organization depending on their needs. The data from all these forms is standardised which helps to ease the decision making process.

2. Fast approvals, faster process

Approvals are the most time taking step of any process. Paper based or email based process fail to expedite this process, as the data needed for approvals is not available in real time. Often, approvals involve a separate form, which increases the workload. Automation makes the process easy and efficient. Automated forms come with a single step approval function that is supported by real time data. Any information needed for approval is available instantly. Also, this data is not the latest available which facilitates informed decision making.

3. Trackable process

Another drawback that the paper and email based processes suffer from is the absence of any tracking mechanism. Once a process has started, its progress can only be tracked through repeated manual follow-ups via emails or phone calls. This reduces productivity and wastes time that can be otherwise utilized. Automating this process gives you tools to track task progress in real time. This is helpful in identifying bottlenecks and removing them, making the process efficient without using any additional resources. Also, if there is an event organized for rewards and recognition, this module can be used to gather feedback from participants as well as guests. Data gathered can be used to improve the process as well as any future events.

Rewards and recognition is important for motivating the employee, and a motivated employee can do wonders for your organization which makes this process doubly important. Automation helps you easily recognize employees who deserve rewards and also easily organize competition, contests etc. to reward your employees. If you have any doubt about this process, or about automating any other process, please share your contact details and IBISM will get in touch with you. We will be happy to answer all your question and provide a free demo.

Published on May 11, 2018