You have finally decided to switch to a digital workplace, and to automate your business processes. Great decision!! But wait, what about all those documents in your google drive? Or the Git repository your IT team uses. What about your google suite and emails. Don't worry, we have got you covered. Integration capabilities are becoming a crucial feature in any BPM solution. A number of organizations today are reliant on one or the other software based tool. While BPM automates your business processes, if there was no integration with 3rd party apps and existing tools, the transition to a new work method will become very taxing for your employees.

When opting for a BPM solution, you should always ask if the software supports integration with your existing tools and software. For example, to optimise the existing client relationship and support processes, BPM software needs data from sharepoint and SAP CRM. Integration will not only make transition to a new work method easy, it will save a lot of time. There will be no need for data migration from existing processes, or creating new files or folders in your BPM environment. Work will go as it did earlier, but in a more streamlined manner.


All good BPMs, such as IBISM, have integration options to help your transition to BPM easier. However, types of integrations offered differ from one company to another. Always make sure what kind of integrations a BPM service is capable of, so that you can decide accordingly. Some BPMs may integrate with google drive, but may not support github or dropbox. This can cause problems for both small and big enterprises.

Given here are some of the common integration options available-


Intrinsic integration refers to built-in integrations. Think of it as straight out of the box integrations. Many BPMs, including IBISM, come with built-in integrations for Google Suite, gmail, Github etc. This is helpful for enterprises that primarily use these tools and do not require any other integration. Setting up such integrations requires minimum technical knowledge, making it easier for organisations who aren't IT based, or do not have a strong IT team. With such integrations, employees can easily sync their app data, cloud data and files. Transition to BPM becomes very smooth, as nothing much changes in work methods. In fact, access to data becomes easier with these integrations. Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality is another form of Intrinsic Integration. It allows users of one platform to access data across other connected platforms.


Many cloud-based BPMs allow access to components and services of other systems with the help of Application Programming Interface, or APIs. There are many applications that make their APIs public making it easy to sync with other softwares. We believe that a BPM software should never be API shy as it has to sync with other tools. Therefore, IBISM offers API integration options for both its cloud as well as On-premise solutions. Feel free to integrate all the applications you want, using our robust API integration options. API based integration normally requires some technical knowledge on part of the user. Feel free to contact us to know more about integrations or to get help integrating your current workflow tools with IBISM.


You can also use third party applications, like Zapier, for integrating apps if your BPM software does not have inbuilt integration options. This is the option for those organizations who need API integrations but are not able to manually configure APIs. Third party apps creates API integration for a fee. It is easy to use, but adds to the overall cost of automating your business.

So, the question still remains- Which is the best option for you? The answer to that is to choose what's right depending what tools you are currently using. Choose a BPM solution with intrinsic integrations if you just use google suite and gmail or other such applications. If you use custom applications, or applications that do not come bundled normally with BPMs, go for API based integration. Budget also plays a big role in deciding which BPM to choose, based on integration. Organizations which do not have strong IT support can opt for third party apps. With IBISM, you do not have to decide much. Our BPM software comes bundled with readymade integrations, while our robust API makes it easy to integrate any other application that you would need. Lastly, our excellent support and help center will help you through the entire process of integration, and they are available 24x7 for every client. Enterprise level support for everyone is what we believe in. Need to know more about our integration options? Give IBISM a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions related to BPM integration or any other aspect of business process management.

Published on Mar 16, 2018