Hiring manager surveys are important as they give valuable feedback regarding the efficacy of your hiring process. Once the hiring process is complete with onboarding and induction and the new hires are settled in, it is only then that you can assess whether you hired the right people on not. This insight is available only with the hiring manager as he or she is the one having direct interaction with the new hires. The survey is also helpful in determining the quality of candidate pool that is populated from different avenues. If the organization had hired third party recruiters, this survey provides a direct feedback for their performance.

Even though the information that the process provides is very valuable and useful, the importance attached to the process is not much. This process is mostly treated as a simple formality, something that has to be done and get over with. Feedback from the process is not processed and often no action is taken. This results in the wastage of valuable information that can be an important source for improving business process. This is where automation comes in. Automating this process provides you with the tools you need to extract the maximum benefit from it. Below, we discuss the benefits that automation brings to this process.

1. Simple forms that capture comprehensive data

When the process is email or paper based, one major problem is the survey form itself. The form is not comprehensive, and is often paper based. Paper based forms are susceptible to errors and can get lost or torn, resulting in data loss. Also, filling up these forms manually takes up a lot of time. Often, a single form is used for feedback regarding everyone hired, making the questions very general and the information not very useful. When you automate this process, you are provided a module with readymade, easy to customize forms. These forms have scale based answers instead of binary ones. Also, since they are customizable, you can have forms for feedback on individual hires. These forms are easy to fill, do not take much time and the information gathered from the form can be used to comprehensively assess the efficiency of the hiring process.

2. Actionable feedback

At present, hiring manager survey is done mostly as a formality with no goal or objective. Since the process uses either paper or emails, data has to be migrated from paper forms, or is available in large, unmanageable spreadsheets which makes it hard to review. Automation comes with real time analytics that provide users with the latest data instantaneously. This data is organized right from the survey forms which helps in quantifying key information and valuable insights which helps in improving the hiring process. It helps in identifying the avenues which provide the best candidate pool, and which ones do not.

These surveys were not created to be a mere formality, but to act as sources of valuable information that can help improve various aspects of the business process. The hiring manager survey, if done properly, can help significantly improve your organization’s hiring process. To know more about this process or how automation can help improve other aspects of your business, feel free to contact IBISM. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and also provide you a free demo.

Published on May 24, 2018