It is great that you have decided to go for a BPM to automate your daily business processes. However, the idea of automating workflows may seem difficult if you have never used a workflow software before. It is not a big deal, really. All of us had never used Android or iOS before either, and yet here we are today. Most workflows or processes in organisations require some kind of approval to properly work. This is a time consuming process, as even a slight error at the point of entry can evolve exponentially and throw a wrench in your day to day working. The good news is, you can get a completely approved workflow created in less than 15 minutes. Here's how…


Let consider an invoice approval process. In order to increase transparency and decrease errors, sales and finance department will have to spend a lot of time in manually scrutinising and rubber stamping the invoices. This makes it very hard, almost impossible for them to track the progress of a sale or follow up when an invoice needs to be altered.

With automated workflows in place, managers do not need to waste time and effort in doing chaotic paperwork. All the data entered is already validated at point of entry, drastically reducing errors. Subsequent validation processes root out any errors that might have survived the initial filters


With IBISM, you can easily create a workflow that can automate the aforementioned invoice process. It will become more streamlined, more error resistant and easier to follow up on. Here's how easy it is to create an approval workflow in IBISM.

Step-1. Start with a structure

Create a structure that displays necessary data, using our easy to use drag and drop tools. Attach a PDF or integrate other workflow tools that you are using, or create a form using numbers, fields, custom tables etc. Sounds very complicated, but it is as simple as dragging and dropping a few buttons on the screen. Actually, that is all there is to it. Just drag, drop and create.

Step-2. Generate workflow

Now that you have a structure in place, let's generate a workflow. The invoice form will have field level validation so that data entered is verified at the point of entry. The sales manager just has to take a look, and approve the invoice, or ask to make some changes. The Finance Manager get a notification of the task by email, sms, or in-house notification system, reviews data and approves the invoice. This way, we have verification at every point of data entry, as well as two points of human verification.

Step-3. Customise your workflow

Want to change some things? Allow sales representatives to report their sales figure directly to their manager, without using clumsy spreadsheets. Or, invite clients to view the progress of their purchase order. You can also include vendors so that they can track the progress of their shipment and approval of payment.

With IBISM, a whole new world is possible. Try it out yourself! And if you need any help, let us know. IBISM will be happy to resolve any doubts you might have regarding business process automation and also provide you a free demo.

Published on Mar 13, 2018